Full Color integrated 3in1 SMD LED Display

The full color integrated 3in1 SMD LED Display by PORSTARLED Display is a revolutionary development in the LED industry. It featureshigher definition and a super wide viewing angle in comparison to the ordinary LEDDisplay. Each panel is made by custom quantities of modules with an 8x8 or 4x4configurations. Every 3-in-1 pixel in a reflect cavity is comprised by threeLED chips: Red, Green, and Blue.

A dot matrix LED screen is a LED display device used to display information onmachines, clocks, railway departure indicators and many and other devicesrequiring a simple display device of limited resolution. The display consistsof a matrix of lights or mechanical indicators arranged in a rectangularconfiguration (other shapes are also possible, although not common) such thatby switching on or off selected lights, text or graphics can be displayed.

A dot matrix controller converts instructions from a processor into signalswhich turns on or off lights in the matrix so that the required display isproduced.

Usual Resolutions for Dot Matrix LED Display
Common sizes of dot matrix displays:
128×16 (Two lined)
128×32 (Four lined)
192×64 (Eight lined)

Usual Character Resolutions for Dot Matrix LED Display

A common size for a character is 5×7 pixels, either separated with blank lineswith no dots (in most text-only displays), or with lines of blank pixels(making the real size 6x8). This is seen on most graphic calculators, such asCASIO calculators or TI-82 and superior.

A smaller size is 3×5 (or 4x6 when separated with blank pixels). This is seenon the TI-80 calculator as a "pure", fixed-size 3×5 front or on most7×5 calculators as a proportional (1×5 to 5×5) font. The disadvantage of the7×5 matrix and smaller is that lower case characters with descanters are notpractical. A matrix of 11×9 is often used to give far superior resolution.

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