Questions about real pixel LED Display and virtual pixel LED Display?
                                    Questions about real pixel LED Display and virtualpixel LED Display?

With the virtual pixel technology, the LED display will appear a more clearvision. Theoretically the resolution will be 4 times of a real pixel technologyLED display. The difference of a real a virtual pixel LED screen of LED displaycan be seen in the next pictures.

How did virtual LED Display work?
Below you can clearly see how the virtual pixels are made, we surely recommendyou a virtual display, even so our new technology of Dot Matrix it’s stillbetter than virtual pixels, because the three colors RGB are in the same dot orpixel, just like the SMD technology and also the Dot Matrix have a horizontal viewingangle of over 160 degrees. The virtual pixel LED Display has a horizontalviewing angle of upto 130 degrees.

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