What is An SMD LED Display?

publisher: MICHAEL CHANG
Time: 2013-08-09

What is an SMD LED?

SMD stands for surface mount LED.It’s a light-emitting diode that is soldered mounted onto a circuit board. AnSMD is quite small because does not have leads or surrounding packaging thatcomes with a standard LED.


Important fact is thatan SMD LED has a wide viewing angle thanks to the fact that it does not havethe standard LEDs epoxy enclosure that focuses the beam.

SMD give very littleheat, has a low voltage and current requirements. It’s used mostly for indoorapplications of LED signs because of the small size (small pitch achieved) andpicture quality at closer proximity. Although for a higher price than thestandard RGB LEDs, lately SMD LEDs is also used for outdoor Led sign projectsdue to its benefits and a better picture quality.

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