Hot Selling P6.25mm Mesh Stage LED Display Screen

publisher: Michael CHANG
Time: 2013-08-24
P6.25mm Indoor Curtain Mesh Rental led display:

1. The brightness is 1500nits. Suitable for Indoor andOutdoor stage background fixed installation. ‘U’ connectors or 40x40mm SquareSteel structure is used to fix the cabinets.

2. The screen can be hanged. Used as stage background screen, ceiling screen andlight. Each cabinet is only 8.5KG, easy for installation

3. Can be curved screen or circle. The angle can be freely adjustedbetween  -15 to 15 degree.

4. P6.25 can also be dancing floor. After the installation like below, acrylicpanel  is tiled on the screen. It istransparent and hard. Transmittance is above 92%.

5. This product has widely used in high level entertainment bars, TV and danceshows. Its abstract images are able to represent illusive colors

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