NEW Product P8mm SMD Outdoor Rental LED Display

publisher: MICHAEL CHANG
Time: 2013-09-16
Product Feature:
?P8mm SMD3535/DIP Outdoor Aluminum Rental LED displays:
?Wide Applicability: Stage rental events, entertainment, indoor and outdoor environment.
?Top Design Light Weight:Using Die Casting Rental aluminum profile material, the cabinet weight is only 11kg.
?High Contrast Ratio: novel design of mask,contrast ratio can reach 2200.
?Quiet:Direct current fan only has little noise.
?Thin:the thickest part of cabinet is only 80mm.
?High Precision:each cabinet of precision deviation <0.5mm;
?High Refreshing:Usually it can reach 1200Hz,but it can reach 3200Hz if you use appropriative IC.
?Convenient and Fast Installation.
?Best Cabinet Size:640mm * 480mm with 16:9 display ratio


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