New Product-Curtain LED media facade's Features

publisher: PORSTARLED
Time: 2017-03-03
Summary: 1.Quick Installation 2.Super-thin Design 3.Super-light Structure Design 4.Transparency Design

Theutility model can be installed on the wall or directly installed on the glasscurtain wall with a large area

LED Media facade outdoor curtain displayQuickInstallation

Foolproofdesign make operate and maintenance easier by non-professional after simpletraining.

smart curtain display

LED Media facade   Super-thinDesign

Thethinnest part:12mm,thickness of the display unit 70mm,and the overall thicknessof the structure containing less than 120mm.

Outdoor Curtain LED media facade

Curtain LED media facade   Super-lightStructure Design

10KGper SQM.5KG per Module, minimize the weight of structure. Easily replacecurrent commercial billboard. And directly install on outdoor glass surfacebuilding.

Outdoor Curtain Screen

LED Media facade    TransparencyDesign

Maximum80% transparency, minimum 50% transparency. Low wind-resistance design. HighRate of Visual

outdoor curtain display

Pixel Pitch:P6,P7,P15,P16,P20,P30,P30,Wecan meet the needs of different applications; the products are widely used inoutdoor glass surface building(billboard,wall, roof, column display).

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