Project reference

PORSTAR Provides our recently Sucessful LED Display projects for you reference, and we provide 7pcs different application Case, All of them will be showed in below:

1.Commercial Advertising LED Display(Indoor advertising LED Display and outdoor advertising LED Display)

2. LED Display Event with Indoor Rental led display and outdoor Rental led display EVENT.

3.Background Stage Show(Curtain Mesh stage LED Display and Strip Video Stage LED Display for background stage and TV showing etc)

4.Sports&Stadium LED Display Screen(Football Stadium LED Display, Perimeter LED Banner,LED Scoreboard,Stadium led billboard)

5.Billboard Application(housetop LED Display,Wall mounted LED Display,Column LED Display screen,led panel etc)

6.Mobile&Trailer LED Display screen(Truck LED Display, Trailer LED Screen,Mobile led screen,car kits led screen,movable led panel)

7.Front maintenance application(LED Sign,led panel,single color led sign,dual color led screen,led digital sign,signage led)