Stage LED Display


Stage LED Displays:

Stage LED Display can be separated into Curtain mesh LED Display and Strip LEDDisplay,
whichis used for digital background stages in studios, Event, and presents virtualscenes. Outdoor Indoor mesh Curtain Stage background LED Display can also playvarious visualization and lighting changes in brilliant effects, which designedby professional designers to show their endless artistic charm. Full-colordisplay video wall can be composed by multiple modules to display real-time videoimages with real-time broadcast system. It can produce vivid and clear images.Outdoor Indoor mesh Curtain Stage background LED Display cabinet is verylighter and thickness, more easy for installations and installation, Alsoprovide convenience way for repairing and transportation by flight casespackaged.

The stage led display new LED Curtain Mirage now comes up with the engagement of making the video panelscurving as needed! Nevertheless as the LED Curtain Mirage, features ofthinness, seeing-through, waterproof and lightweighted, to provide easy and fast mplement with the friendly hardware/software interfaces.

The LED Curtain Miragescientific structure makes the assembly of even super-large systems fast andsimple, cutting cost and time. SMD RGB LED pixels provide a more uniform,flawless and ultra sharp images, with high permeability and good performance.

The LED Curtain Miragefeatures as well in high light output for indoor & outdoor stage backgroundof grand performance, full color video or graphics display, video wall on highbuildings.


Stage led displays:

1. Super-slim and high transparency design, aluminum alloy cabinet, made thescreen extremely light

2. Perfect distribution of light, allows you always get the best vision inspite of the viewing angle changing;
Internally installed power supplier; using the high light SMD 3in1 LED, with abetter color combination, made the image more colorful;

3. Special Cabinet design, improved the refresh frequency better; aluminumalloy cabinet, promised the screen be strong enough and also light;

4. Easy installation design, allows for quick and convenient installation

5. This product has widely used in high level entertainment bars, TV and danceshows. Its abstract images are able to represent illusive colors