Mobile Trailer LED Display


Mobile Trailer LED Display screen:

Mobile Trailer LED Display screen isstriking and the visual impact of which is living, Mobile Trailer LED Display screen is installed in car carriage, andcost-effective for advertising for advertising, LED Display screen is more andmore popular in the market now with good display effect and excellentperformance, what’s more, it is highly shock resistant, Besides, it isconvenient to change the display contents, such as translating, revolving,changing the pages and so on, that likes the LED Display power point and is soattractive that make it’s known to human beings.


It is low cost for content changing,and the movable car gets more coverage area, in another hand, car kitsadvertisement is no longer limited to one style with the appearance of car kitLED Display screen which is more attractive at night and can not be effected bythe weather.